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'if i blow up i wanna blow up in one piece'

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100 Things Challenge!
Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So, in light of school ending and summer beginning... I have decided to fill my time with someone known as 'The 100 Things Challenge.'
I'm still not sure whether this is going to be a good thing or not... but I guess we'll find out together, eh?
Totally stealing this idea from Julia (caddyeverafter7), but while I do love Hockey, I am instead dedicating the 100 slots to lovely books. Some that I have never read but would love to, and others that I have read over and over until creases started to appear in the spine and the pages started to fade.
If you'd like to keep up with this adventure, all my posts will be tagged as /tag/100%20things
I'm thinking posts will come as often as a couple of books a week, but if I get distracted (which I most likely will) it may take a while to reach 100.

However! I'm willing to try, because it looks like it could be fun! :D

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Yay. Totally brought you on board, lol.

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