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'if i blow up i wanna blow up in one piece'

sixteenwins payup!
i offered a 25 picture picspam of anything the winner (go_gentle) chooses. since i am a sucker for the 'Hawks best d-men, while this started out just being a 'Duncan Keith has dumb hair' post, it has now become a 'Duncan Keith has dumb hair and so does Brent Seabrook' post. i hope you don't mind!

edit: this is, as said, a pay up for a comm called sixteenwins which is for bracket betting the Stanley Cup Finals. It's really cool and really fun, and i suggest for you guys to check it out next year.

brace yourselves, the dumbness is coming...Collapse )

dumb hair is dumb and it is dumbest on these two. i hope you enjoyed this hot mess of dumb d-men hair, and congrats on the win!


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